Animation by my publisher – Bloomsbury

Which me am I today?

I really wish I could remember when the lovely people from Bloomsbury came to my house along with the two lovely guys from the animation company……..but I can’t…It must have been before Christmas as the animators were kind enough to send me the original prints used in the animation, which I framed and gave one each to Sarah and Gemma for Christmas.

I do remember having a wonderful day and laughing lots…..

They wanted to produce a simple yet beautiful animation to promote my book, and beautiful it certainly is, especially since my girls have become 2 cartoon characters within it🤣

Well we had to keep the animation under wraps until this week, which has been so hard that I had to delete the email with any mention of it so it wouldn’t pop into my head.

Secrets are usually very safe with me, for obvious reasons, but I often…

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