Dreams or Reality….?

Which me am I today?

After a wobbly few days I thought I’d share this with you…..

Recently I’ve found it increasingly confusing to decipher what’s real and what’s been dementia playing tricks….

I remember pre dementia, waking up after a vivid dream, thinking for a minute and then realising it was a dream. Now, however, I’m never sure. I have to find the proof now to separate fact from fiction. I’ve always ‘heard’ things that aren’t real – the knock on the door, the tap on the window with no one in sight.

One night I lay awake and heard a cry of help from someone who sounded like my daughter Gemma. She was shouting ‘mum, mum’. There was knocking on my door. I then heard a car door slam and it drove off. It all happened so quickly but when I looked out of the window it was silent, dark and still. It…

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