Why I believe some clinicians struggle diagnosing dementia…….

Which me am I today?

This week I’m changing Gp practice. My daughters don’t like my Gp and I don’t like their chemist. I got on well on my own before they ‘tried to help’. I’d go on line, in my own time, re order my perscription, collect the perscription and then collect my tablets. This happened every 2 months – perfect. Then the chemist got involved. First he wanted to put my tablets in blister packs, which for some are very useful, but not when you take trial tablets and they insist on me taking Donezepil in the evening, which has never worked for me.
So then they suggested I let them order my perscription and for me simply to pop in and pick it up – no need for me to do anything but pick it up – sounded perfect so I agreed……..bad move…..
The first time I went in there was a…

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