Guest poem by Alison Bolus…….

Which me am I today?

Alison is in her 50’s and was an editor before dementia entered her life so was well versed in the art of words. Sadly now, dementia has meant she finds writing difficult, however, she simply takes as long as it takes and writes the most wonderful poems.

Remember, we all had talents pre dementia, we don’t suddenly lose those talents overnight. We simply have to adapt and learn new ways…….

This is her latest:

Fighting Back

Faltering, stumbling, I reach for the letters that I use to employ with delight to define me, explain me, to justify me.
My tools, my craft.
Some light touch here, some emphasis there.
Just might strike a chord.
Letters sliding down the stairs of poesy and hoping for a soft landing.
Tiptoeing around my soul.

But now the words rebel.
They sense my growing decline.
They note the hesitation in my clichés.
All is…

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