Challenges of Living alone with dementia versus being in a couple…….

A blog post by Wendy Mitchell I can relate to a bit…

Which me am I today?

I first published this blog back in October last year, but it seems a good one to reblog……

No one gives you a handbook when you’re diagnosed and one of the most difficult things for couples and families to accept is that you will need help and support and ‘training’ on how to support a loved one with such a diagnosis. It must be a difficult concept to come to terms with. After all here is someone you may have lived with for 20-30 years – why on earth would you need training? But why wouldn’t you need training on how to support someone with a complex brain disease?
Training and support for couples and families in the practicalities is something else that’s sadly lacking post diagnosis.

It got me thinking about how lucky I am, in many ways, to live alone. It’s a family joke that my eldest daughter…

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